"Legendary Handwired Performance...Without Breaking the Bank!"
  1. Managing Director
    Our 100 Watt lineup offers everything from classic 70's tone, to modern heavy metal.
    100 WATT
  2. Managing Director
    Half the power of the big boys, with all of the tone and performance!
    50 WATT
  3. Managing Director
    The ultimate in vintage tone, with optional factory modifications.
    45 WATT
Handwired Assembly
Every component and wire is meticulously attached and soldered by hand.  No machines here
Point-to-Point Readings
Every amplifier is put through a battery of tests for proper voltages, and bias
The Real Test
After assembly and parameter readouts, the real test begins.  Each amp is played through to ensure sound quality
About Us
Whether you're a touring musician looking for a great sounding 100 watt rig, or you're a dreamer looking for a live sound in the comfort of your home, we have it!
Veteran Owned and Operated!  We are committed to producing high end, quality, handwired sound.  They just don't make them like this anymore!