100 WATT
Our 100 Watt amplifiers come in two basic models, the JMY100, and the DSH100.

- Our JMY amps can be built with one of two platforms; an EL34 output power section for everything from blues to rock, or our JMY100HV with 6550 output power section for a heavier bottom end.

- Our DSH amps can also be built with two basic platforms, both of which boast an EL34 output power section.  The DSH100HR has a slightly hot-rodded preamp stage for searing leads and an 80's rock feel.

 All 100W amps come standard with 120/220/240V input selection, 4/8/16 ohm output selection, and a passive effects loop...but can be built with an optional Zero Loss FX Loop.  
Imagine having all of the tone and options of our 100 Watt lineup, with only half the power!  That's exactly what you get with our 50 Watt amps.
- Our ZFY models come in either an EL34 or a 6550 output power section.  120/220/240V selectable.

- Our TAH models both come standard with an EL34 output power section, with the TAH50HR being our factory hot-rodded model.  120V input.

All 50W models are 4/8/16 ohm output selectable, and come standard with a passive effects loop...but can be built with optional Zero Loss FX Loop.


Our 45 Watt offering is known as the Phoenix 45.  Built on a KT66 output power section, it is the ultimate in vintage tone, but can be modified at the factory to the Phoenix 45HR. 

- Similar to our TAH model, the preamp is slightly hot-rodded for a hotter sound.  But make no mistake, the vintage feel is still there with the KT66 power section, and tube rectifier.

Both variations of the Phoenix 45 are 4/8/16 ohm output selectable, are wired for 120V input, and come standard with a passive effects loop.

*Zero Loss FX Loop is not an option on this model*


The all new ​​Phoenix 45T.  35 Watts of creamy blues, with so much more!  With the original Phoenix 45 circuit, we've added footswitchable Tremolo, passive effects loop, external bias setting, and a pentode/triode (half power) switch, which allows the step down to 18W of power without stepping down your speaker impedance.

Want this model in a combo amp?  We've got you covered!  You can order this dream tone in a 2x 12" "Bluesbreaker" style combo, with Celestion Greenback Heritage speakers.